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Voronoi Configuration
ax+ba x + b
alog(1cx)+b-a \log(1 - c x) + b
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Voronoi Explorer

This page allows you to explore generalised Voronoi diagrams.

There are two primary modes:

The diagram is generated by working out which source point would reach a given point first. The generalisation is to allow different growth functions which say how fast the region from a given source point expands outwards.

The growth function can be either linear or exponential. Each has certain parameters which are set either by the user (when there are 2 points) or at random (when there are 16 points). To work out which source point would reach a certain point first, we actually use the inverse of the growth formulae. Thus the formulae in use are:

where aa (the weight), bb (the delay), and cc (the extent) can vary with the source point.