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This site creates a "Peanoified" version of an image. A Peano curve is a type of space-filling curve. Different stages of the construction of a Peano curve have different darknesses, and so by interpolating between the levels a picture can be built up. For more details of the procedure, read the article "What can you do with this space?" in the Chalkdust Magazine.

To make a picture, click the Browse button to upload a picture. This will start the process. You can select the "resolution" of the curve by adjusting the level. The Show Image checkbox controls whether to show the original image behind the curve. Note that the image is shown at the required resolution to define the curve so will look a bit blurred. Once the curve has been created, you can download it as an SVG file or you can right-click on the image to download it as a PNG.

The code runs in the browser: no data is uploaded to the server.

The initial image of Guiseppe Peano is taken from his Wikipedia page, which refers back to the Mac Tutor History of Mathematics Archive site at the University of St Andrews for the site with the original image.

The code is released under the MIT Licence so if you want to improve it, feel free. It is available on github.