hands of cards from a deck of cards, (with bias ) -sided dice, coins,
updating every fliprolldeals,
until recording ,
repeat this experiment until recording .


This website allows you to run probability experiments. You can flip coins, roll dice, and deal cards. You can specify various parameters, explained below.

The conditions for stopping an experiment or run of experiments and the counts that can be recorded use a particular syntax. Examples are given in the explanations below.




Other Details

Condition and Recording Statements

The basic element is count(...) which counts the number of occurences of an event within an experiment. For keeping track between experiments, there is total(...). These can also be used in the "recording" fields. Logical and mathematical expressions using these can be used.

Some notes on how the counts and totals are implemented:


The code is released under the MIT Licence so if you want to improve it, feel free. It is available on github.